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Effectively exploring subsurface uncertainties is one of the challenges facing geoscientists when investigating and modelling reservoirs. The goal of reservoir modelling is not just to calculate hydrocarbon volumes, but to characterise the reservoir, the geology, to understand flow behaviour and how a reservoir will perform over time. It isn’t always possible to characterise some of the uncertainties in the subsurface: perhaps time does not allow, or there is a lack of appropriate data or expertise.

In this webinar, Matt Bowyer, will introduce two uncertainties geoscientists are faced with in the reservoir modelling workflow; facies modelling and saturation modelling. Matt will highlight how incorporating analogue data into reservoir models and investigating multiple saturation height functions, can help provide insights into some of the uncertainties within a reservoir. The final part of the webinar will briefly introduce structural uncertainty through investigation into fault connectivity.


14:00 to 15:00 (GMT, London time)


Matt Bowyer

Matt Bowyer, Ava Saturation Product Manager

Matt has over ten years’ experience working in the oil & gas industry. In that time, he has worked as a Development Geologist and Reservoir Modeller for Shell and Merlin Energy among others. Matt holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Geology from the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London and an M.Sc. in Structural Geology and Geophysics from the University of Leeds.