Parameterised Modern & Ancient Analogues

Learn about GeoCypher - The transformation logic within Ava Clastics

Using our proprietary GeoCypher™ logic, a technology jointly developed with the University of Leeds, Ava® Clastics analogue database and clastic sedimentology software transforms analogues into the parameters required for facies modelling algorithms, and delivers them directly to applications like Petrel* E&P software.
Although GeoCypher is an important feature of Ava Clastics, the logic is only as good as the analogues that feed it. High-quality analogue databases such as FAKTS by the University of Leeds provide the critical input for the logic to transform the modern and ancient analogues into parameters.

*Mark of Schlumberger


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Download FAKTS: The Heart of Ava Clastics whitepaper that describes how the analogue database was created.

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