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By subscribing to Ava® Clastics analogue database and clastic sedimentology software, you can collaborate with peers, colleagues and domain experts in an interactive environment designed to share information and support knowledge transfer. From a single-user to an enterprise experience, the Ava Clastics portal helps geologists stay connected. 

At the heart of Ava Clastics are a collection of world-class databases offered by PDS Group, including FAKTS and SMAKS by the University of Leeds. These databases encapsulate many years of research and scientific rigour, and were created so geoscientists could rapidly incorporate and reference analogues in their workflows.

Ava Clastics makes them accessible and transforms the data into actionable insights.


Coming Soon... DMAKS

Deep-Marine Architecture Knowledge Store

The next database to be integrated into Ava Clastics will be the Deep-Marine Architecture Knowledge Store (DMAKS). Completing our source-to-sink journey, the DMAKS database was also created by researchers at the University of Leeds as part of the Turbidites Research Group (TRG), and contains numerical and descriptive data from deep-marine clastic sedimentary systems. The relational database comprises extensive research based on fieldwork and peer-reviewed literature from both modern systems and their ancient successions in the stratigraphic record.

Database Federation

Integrating Proprietary & Other Third-Party Databases

The beauty of working in Ava Clastics is the versatility of the technology and the flexibility to utilise our GeoCypher™ logic with other analogue databases. If you are interested in federating additional data sources, and/or would like to establish a private cloud environment for your team to access your organisation’s proprietary knowledgebases, we can support the integration.

For more than 25 years, PDS Group has worked with E&P operators to define system integration and data transfer workflows that help G&G teams operate more efficiently. With our team of software developers and geoscientists, we can create a unique, exclusive knowledge transfer community for your organisation that leverages the power of Ava Clastics and supports cross-pollination of geological know-how.