Behind The Scenes

Behind the Ava Clastics is a team of geoscientists and developers that have a long history of working in the E&P industry creating cutting-edge technology. Meet the experts who brought you Ava Clastics.
Ben Meyer

Ben Meyer, Managing Director

Ben Meyer joined PDS Group to bring new technology like Ava Clastics to market and to manage the PDS Group UK office. Ten years ago, Ben began his career working in the oil and gas industry for companies like Schlumberger and Shell. He holds an MSc in Geology from University of Birmingham.
Viki O Connor

Viki O’Connor, Program Manager

Viki O’Connor joined PDS Group in 2016 as Program Manager for the Ava portfolio of technology overseeing product commercialisation for the geoscience eServices offering. She is also Director of Subsurface Geoconsulting and manages a team of domain experts that support E&P companies with workflow optimisation for geophysics and geology through new technology development.  Viki holds a MSc in Geoscience from the University of Liverpool.
Richard Eperjesi

Richard Eperjesi, Director of Sales & Marketing

Richard Eperjesi has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 20 years in a variety of roles including software engineering, product management, and account development for geophysical service and equipment providers. He joined PDS Group in 2016 as Director of Sales and Marketing for the Ava technology portfolio. Richard holds a BSc in Math and Computer Science, a MSc in Computer Science and Economics, and an MBA from University of Texas at Austin.

About PDS Group

In the corridors of our offices you’ll find ingenuity and grit behind friendly faces. Our team has been on the cutting-edge of research and technology development, helping oil and gas professionals scale new heights of technical and operational excellence.

With more than 25 years of experience transforming great science into great technology, we know a thing or two about what geoscientists need at their workplace, and how to deliver commercial software. 

About PDS Ava

PDS Ava is the home of targeted technologies which address known geomodelling workflow problems.
Our team of experienced software engineers and skilled geologists, allows us to build software, which complements existing platforms, while providing solutions that are repeatable, auditable and time-efficient.

Advancing Technology Adoption Through Partnership

Bridging the gap between academia and industry to get excellent technology commercially deployed is a big undertaking. It’s here in this niche where you’ll find PDS Group. We strive to work with organisations in the public and private sector who need support bringing new technology into the market. We work with their teams to augment the technology making it intuitive, accessible and commercially viable for the industries they serve. This wouldn’t be possible without strategic partnerships and collaboration.

A few of our partners for Ava Clastics include:
University of Leeds