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Improving efficiency doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality.

Incorporating high-quality geological analogues into your reservoir modelling workflow can save your team approximately 31.5 hours per model. The below table is an excerpt from a recent case study in which an experienced geologist was asked to create a model from scratch using two different methods: with Ava Clastics and without. The geologist was able to build two models in 20.5 hours using Ava Clastics and could provide a full audit trail of his work, whereas the standard method took over twice as long and would have proven difficult to defend during a reserves audit.

Methodology Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Total Number of Models Produced
Ava Clastics
4 hours
15 hours
1.5 hours
20.5 hours
Standard Practice
4 hours
36 hours
16 hours
52 hours

Is peace of mind and operational efficiency worth the annual subscription price of $6,750* per user during a time when entire asset portfolios must be reviewed against a $50-60/bbl 3-year forecast? 

Limited-Time Offer:

Take advantage of this introductory pricing offer before December 30, 2017, and you’ll gain access to the Ava Clastics parameterisation workflow and two databases created by the University of Leeds: Fluvial Architecture Knowledge Transfer System (FAKTS) and Shallow-Marine Architecture Knowledge Store (SMAKS).
*Minimum purchase of five named user subscriptions

Have more than five users? Ask our team about Ava Clastics Enterprise.

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In this online demo, you will learn more about Ava Clastics and see how easy it is to incorporate parametrised analogues into your Petrel* E&P software platform facies modelling workflow.
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