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Explore Ava® Clastics analogue database and sedimentology software to improve reservoir modelling accuracy.  Discover automated parameterisation of modern and ancient analogues used to directly inform facies modelling algorithms.


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Ava Clastics

Analogue Informed Reservoir Modelling

Facts About SMAKS Infographic

Shallow-Marine Database

The Shallow-Marine Architecture Knowledge Store (SMAKS) is a world-class analogue database available in Ava Clastics.
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Ava Clastics At-A-Glance

The Ava Clastics analogue parameterisation workflow is intuitive, automated and completed in five simple steps.
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Multi-User Experience

Ava Clastics is a multi-user platform that helps geologists, reservoir engineers and asset team leads create a consistent understanding of geomodels.

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Case Study: Speed and Robustness

In this study, we analysed a traditional facies modelling workflow against a workflow that included the use of Ava Clastics. Read on to discover how much time you could be saving and how to improve your modelling.
Ava Clastics eBook Chapter two

eBook Chapter: Shallow-Marine Architecture

Our latest eBook chapter will help asset teams build a consistent understanding of shallow-marine environments.
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