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Poster Presentations during the Conference

“Quantifying uncertainties around Net Rock Volume: application of analogue informed facies models”Date, Time, Location TBD

Alwin ten Hove*1, Sarah Cobain2, Ben Meyer2, Luca Colombera3, Nigel P. Mountney3
1Petrotechnical Data Systems BV, Lange Kleiweg 10, 2288 GK Rijswijk, Netherlands
2Petrotechnical Data Systems Ltd, 91 Wimpole Street, Marylebone, London W1G 9RJ, UK
3Fluvial & Eolian Research Group, School of Earth & Environment, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK
*Corresponding author: Alwin.ten-Hove@pds.world


A key challenge for geomodellers is the identification and quantification of uncertainties, which become particularly difficult to handle when combining multiple geological concepts, data sources and modelling methods. In reservoirs with limited well control, it is important to incorporate appropriate analogue data to populate the inter-well volume. A novel approach is proposed here that allows for unbiased, analogue-informed modelling to directly control uncertainties in facies-modelling parameters, and to assess their impact on Net Rock Volume (NRV).

About the Presenter:

Alwin ten Hove, MSc Geology

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Alwin ten Hove is an experienced geoscientist working for PDS Group in their Dutch headquarters. For more than 8 years, he has consulted with oil company clients to create new technology that optimizes their G&G workflows. Mr. ten Hove has experience working on projects involving Ocean plug-in development for Petrel where his has acted in the role of Business Analyst entailed the documention of user requirements and translation into software development goals. In addition, he has been a software trainer, quality assurance tester, and more recently, he was directly responsible for developing the core PDS Group consulting services for bespoke software development. Today, he is  working on the PDS Ava team that is delivering next-generation technology to the market via cloud-hosted solutions. Mr. ten Hove is a graduate from Utrecth University with a MSc Geology and a BSc Earth Sciences.


“Size isn’t everything: predicting clastic injectites at stratigraphic traps using appropriate analogues”Date, Time, Location TBD

Cobain*1, S.L., Hodgson2, D.M. and Peakall2, J.
2Petrotechnical Data Systems Ltd, 91 Wimpole Street, Marylebone, London W1G 9RJ, UK
3Fluvial & Eolian Research Group, School of Earth & Environment, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK
*Corresponding author: Sarah.Cobain@pds.nl



Understanding the mechanisms that determine and drive injection is important in improving the prediction of the location and character of clastic injectites in the subsurface. Here, we demonstrate the close association of basin-floor stratigraphic traps and sub-seismic clastic injectites, and present a model to explain the presence and morphology of injectites in these locations. This should be considered when selecting outcrop analogues to model in the subsurface, and not selecting an analogue because it is seismic-scale. Thus, injectites can be predictive and used during reservoir modelling of fields.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Sarah Cobain, PhD


Dr. Cobain is currently a geoscientist at PDS Group UK helping the Ava team create next-generation sedimentology technology to improve reservoir characterisation and geomodelling. She earned her PhD from the University of Leeds Institute of Applied Geosciences in field-based deep-water sedimentology studying: The mechanisms, distribution, and subsurface implications of clastic dyke and sill emplacement. During her graduate studies, she completed field work in South Africa, Utah, Canada and Argentina, and gained valuable industry experience during a 3 month placement working for Statoil in their Petroleum Technology team where she collaborated with other geoscientists to forward-model outcrop scale, and map subsurface-scale, clastic injectites in the North Sea.
Dr. Cobain is the author of Chapter 1, Fluvial Architecture, in the eBook, Survival Guide to Fluvial Modelling, and has several publications with industry and academic peers including those in Geological Society of America Bulletin and Basin Research.

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