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Explore Ava® Clastics analogue database and sedimentology software to improve reservoir modelling accuracy.  Discover automated parameterisation of modern and ancient analogues used to directly inform facies modelling algorithms.


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Ava Clastics

Analogue Informed Reservoir Modelling

Meet Ava Clastics

A subscription-based software solution that allows geologists to rapidly create, test and share Depositional Concepts based on parameterised analogues from either private or third-party databases.

Using our proprietary GeoCypher™ logic, a technology jointly developed with the University of Leeds, Ava® Clastics analogue database and clastic sedimentology software transforms analogues into the parameters required for facies modelling algorithms, and delivers them directly to applications like Petrel* E&P software platform. We designed Ava Clastics to seamlessly inform reservoir models, so asset teams can quickly assess the impact of incorporating high-quality analogue information.

Although it’s widely considered best practice to use analogue data in facies models, the process is time consuming, somewhat subjective, and highly variable depending on domain expertise. By using GeoCypher™ logic, Ava Clastics introduces the ability to help geoscientists of varying levels of expertise consistently combine well data with quantitative analogue data to a reservoir model, and delivers an audit trail so insights are preserved for later use. The automation Ava Clastics provides ensures transparency in how analogue data is used and incorporated in modelling.

A Depositional Concept is a filtered subset of sedimentary analogues, derived from relational databases such as FAKTS or your own proprietary database. It represents your geological understanding of the subsurface, which is captured and stored online together with the analogues in Ava Clastics.

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Facts About FAKTS Infographic

Facts about FAKTS

Learn about the industry-leading databases supported by Ava Clastics including FAKTS and coming soon, SMAKS, created by the University of Leeds.
Ava Clastics Infographic

Ava Clastics At-a-Glance

The Ava Clastics analogue parameterisation workflow is intuitive, automated and completed in five simple steps.
Image Meet Ava Clastics

Multi-user Experience

Ava Clastics is a multi-user platform that helps geologists, reservoir engineers and asset team leads create a consistent understanding of the geomodel.


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Reduce Uncertainty in Geomodelling

Reduce Uncertainty in Geomodelling by Asking These Five Essential Questions

There are several known challenges to incorporating analogues in reservoir modelling workflows, yet the whole industry is talking about the importance of relying on our past knowledge to help us predict the future quality and production capacity of hydrocarbon assets. A few of the primary concerns when using analogues include: 1) Quality of the analogue; 2) Representativeness to the reservoir in question; 3) Applying the analogue appropriately; 4) Understanding the impact to the reservoir model; and 5) Consistency in methodology.
FAKTS database by the University of Leeds

Mark Your Calendar for the 17.8 Release!

Ava Clastics 17.8 Release is right around the corner. In this release, you’ll find new charting capabilities like Box Whisker charts and sunburst plots showing transition statistics. In addition, we’ve made some improvements to the user interface and have also enhanced the GeoCypher™ logic.
Sarah Cobin

Presenting Live at ICFS in Calagry!

Dr. Sarah Cobain, PhD and author of eBook, Survival Guide to Fluvial Modelling will be presenting an abstract titled, "Well-correlation quality control: a novel tool."

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Fluvial Architectural Elements Used in Reservoir Modelling

Survival Guide to Fluvial Modelling

Dr. Sarah Cobain, PhD provides a detailed overview of Fluvial Architecture in the first chapter of a new eBook series designed to help geomodellers understand the complexities of fluvial reservoirs.

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